Activity: Perspectives

Props: Nothing

Location: Forest

Gather the students around you and have them open their journal to the “Perspectives” page transport fever 2 modsen. Each student must then choose a tree that is at least twenty feet away and write a short description of it. After they have a short description written down, have them approach the tree and study it up close What does the tree look like now? Is it exactly as they described, or are there other things they have now noticed. In their journals, have them describe anything new that they have noticed app for videos from facebook. Now, the students should lay underneath their tree looking up at it. What can they see now? Have them write down any changes they can see now that they couldn’t see before gopro app bilder herunterladen.

Did the tree change? No, just our way of looking at it.


Viewing things from different perspectives. By looking at things from all around, students – will have a’ clearer idea of what they are looking at how to download libreoffice. Rather than just describing a tree as, “made of wood”, students should be able to describe more fully what a tree looks like.


  • Did your tree appear different at different distances youtube videos als mp3 herunterladen? Why or why not?
  • What did you notice when you looked up at the tree rather than looking straight at the tree?
  • Was the tree the same on all sides herunterladen?
  • Would you have seen the differences if you didn’t look at it from all sides? Why or why not?