Robin Hood and Little John / T.P. Shuffle:

Robin Hood and Little John / T.P. Shuffle:

Props: Green Course

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 3

Focus: Communication / Cooperation

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (page 112)

Have the group stand on the telephone pole. Cover your mouth and then look up. Wait until everyone has had a chance to glance up before beginning. (If not everyone looks up, that’s okay. You rules, remember?) Explain to the group that an acid rain cloud just passed overhead herunterladen. Acid rain not particularly harmful, have a curious effect on those participating in Low Ropes activities: it mute. The group will now notice that they cannot make a noise (Hint! Hint!) and cannot even open their mouths to mouth things to other people. Their lips are now effectively zipped!

They must now get in order, alphabetically, by last names herunterladen. But wait! Things are never quite that simple! They also cannot step off the log. If a body part touches the ground (be prepared to ‘b1 the whole group must start over. (Warn them that if they should slip, they should immediately get back up on the log just in case you “weren’t looking”.) They cannot use sticks, twigs, etc. gta v pc kostenlos download. to keep from touching the ground, nor can they use the wooden supports under the telephone pole or any roots conveniently sticking up out of the ground. (They can lean against the trees nearby, as long as their feet are on the pole, but they must figure that out on their own!)

Once they have accomplished this, switch things around, try some other tests eingebettete videos downloaden ipad. These can include:

  • Alphabetically by middle name
  • Favorite animal, by size
  • Favorite food, by name
  • Be creative… :)

Now that they’ve got the hang of how this is done, change things. Have everyone come down off the log. State, “The acid rain cloud is still in effect. No talking and/or mouthing words to each other. You must now get in order by… If too many people touch the ground, I’m going to have to say something idevice manager übertragen oder herunterladen. Now then, everyone please stand on the log.” Make the challenge sufficiently tough to ensure that there will be plenty of time for people to fall off. Be “harsh”. If too many people are on the ground, say, “I’m sorry. Too many people were on the ground.” If they ask if they have to start over, ask them, “”What do you think deckblatt muster zum downloaden? Notice, at no point have you told them to start over! They will assume, based upon the previous attempts, that they must restart. Did you tell them they had to? No. Did you tell them about the rule of not stepping off the log? No. It’s important in Communication to understand what is said, as well as what is not said herunterladen!


Communication. This activity, along with “Birthday Line-Up” stress alternative methods of communication. People use sign language, pointing to letters on t-shirts, etc. Communication can even take place without sight or sound. Touch is considered one of the most powerful forms of communication. (Demonstrate by leading someone around, over obstacles, etc videos aus orf tvthek downloaden. simply by touching them!) Cooperation is also important, but is not the primary focus of this activity.


How did the group feel when they realized they’d been “tricked”? Were they tricked? Who’s fault was it that the idea that they didn’t have to stay on the log didn’t get across? If they were uncertain about it, why didn’t they ask solitär zum herunterladen?

Spotting Concerns:

Watch slippery days! That log can get pretty treacherous! Other than that, avoid having twenty people lean against the one participant who is braced against a tree. That person will thank you for it. The other concern, not really spotting in nature, is watch the frustration factor. Some groups breeze through this activity, others will continually fall videos von youtube herunterladen ios. Be nice to groups having a tougher time.