Scent Canisters: How Good Is Your Sense of Smell

Activity: Scent Canisters

Props: Scent Canisters

Location: Anywhere

Remove a scent canister from the bag and hold it up gratis words office downloaden. Explain to the students that they are not allowed to look inside the canister, but must figure out what is in it by what it smells like. Explain to them that the different scents could be good smells or they could be bad minion rush kostenlos herunterladen. Demonstrate how to waft (wave the scent from the canister to your nose) or lightly smell the seen s.

Recommended scents:

Canister A: Cinnamon

Canister B: Lemon Extract

Canister C: Water (Distilled)

Canister D: Peppermint Extract

Canister E: Bleach

Canister F: Vanilla Extract

Canister G: Pepper

Once a canister has made its way around the group, ask the group if the can name what the scent was amazon filme auf windows downloaden.


Using other senses to gather information about the world. Students are encouraged to do more than simply explore the world by what they can see lebenslauf word vorlage herunterladen. In fact, while doing this activity, most students have a higher accuracy rate when they close their eyes! (Though that may have more to do with focusing on the activity than focusing on the scent)


  • Which scent was the easiest to identify herunterladen? Why?
  • Which scent was the hardest to identify? Why?
  • Did you guess all of the scents correctly? Why or why not?
  • Is your sense of smell very good’ app ios? Why or why not?