Spider Web:

Props: Yellow Course

A.L.: 4

D.L.: 3-5

Focus: Communication / Cooperation / Caring

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA

You have been sent out by International Geographic, that world-wide magazine of nature and the bizarre. Recently, surveillance satellite photographs taken by International Geographic as it was mapping Africa have discovered a valley which was previously unknown to the world. It is surrounded on all sides by high cliffs and is a week’s hike from the nearest village. Since you have had success before, International

Geographic calls on you to investigate herunterladen. Equipped with everything you could need, and a three-week supply of food, you are sent out.

It takes one week to arrive at the valley. You scout around the outside of the cliffs and discover a cave. You immediately enter and shortly find yourself in the land that time forgot. (Actually, time didn’t forget about it, but was merely busy elsewhere.) You begin taking samples and photographs. You see plants no one has ever seen before. You see animals no one has ever seen before. You see huge, ugly spiders from “Arachnophobia” that nobody has ever seen before (unless they watched the movie) comics herunterladen kostenlos. On Wednesday, during the week of your explorations, you feel a small earthquake. Nothing is damaged, and it’s so slight that people in Los Angeles would have laughed scornfully, and so you continue on.

The week ends, and it is now time to go. You pack up your specimens, and proceed to the cave you entered by. When you arrive, though, there is a problem. (Gee! Like that’s a shock!) The cave is blocked by a landslide, probably due to the earthquake. It would be impossible to dig it back out. You wander around the cliffs, figuring there must be another way out herunterladen. Finally, you come across another cave. You make your way through it.

However, before you reach the safety of the jungle, you discover something. (Point majestically to the Spider Web in front of you.) Now all of you, being the geniuses that you are realize that this is a giant spider’s web. And, since there is a giant spider web, there must also be a… (Giant spider!) If you will all look up in the tippy-top of that nearby tree, you will see the giant spider gps maps download for free. (This is an imagination thing. Play along

with it!) Spiders hunt by spinning a web and waiting for something to come along and jiggle it. Then, they come down to investigate and or snack.

Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.):

l . Everyone must go through the web. Not under. Not over. Not around.

2. Trees cannot be climbed.

3. Each hole can only be used once! (Except, in the case of larger groups, the upper holes may each be used twice.)

4 musik download auf pc kostenlos. Participants may go through any hole on the bottom level without assistance. Running, jumping and/or diving is prohibited, however!

5. To send someone through an upper hole, they must be passed. To pass someone, you need to have at least two spotters on each side to lift the person up. In other words, you have two people lifting on one side, two people catching on the other, and one person going through. To pass someone, they must be lying flat, stiffened body, and going feet-first!

6. Everyone must help spot! This is critical here! Do not let people goof off netflix film on computer.

7. When someone goes through the upper hole, they are to be lowered to the ground, feet first. Make sure the head and shoulders of the participant are well supported during the entire procedure! (Broken tail bones will mend. Broken necks, won’t.)

8. If the web is flicked and the facilitator decides they must start over, have the group look up toward the trees, shout, “Go away spider!” and walk back around the trees (not through the web) to begin again!

Fun Facts:

1. If someone wants to make the group start over by shouting “Go away spider!” without you instigating it, feel free to have them start over nur warzone herunterladen ps4.

2. Be nice on those going through the web. They have no control over how they re passed. Be nice on those supporting the people (spotters), as they are doing their job. Nail the people who are horsing around with the web and/or keep going up to the web to point out which holes to use! (99.99% of all groups that start over do so because of people screwing around. Groups get cranky with these people really quick.)


Communication. If the group does not talk it through first, they will almost certainly fail kostenlose grafikenen. There is a trick, you see. If they use all of the bottom holes first, there is no way to solve the puzzle. They will get down to the last two people and not be able to send them through. At which point, everybody has to start over! (It’s also a good idea for them to figure out who goes through what hole, but most groups never realize this.)

Cooperation. There is a lot of working together required. Caring. Do not let people be dropped! Do not let people be left behind!


Did you get stuck wo kann ich musik legal gratisen? Why? Did someone flick the web? What could you have done differently? On a scale of 1-to-10, how well did you listen to each others’ ideas? Why? What’s the best way to solve this activity? (Stay far away from the web, finalize all plans, and then proceed!)

Spotting Concerns:

Anytime someone is being lifted, be in there! Make sure the head is well supported. Watch for those who dash through on their own. They can be dangerous. Do not let spotters wander off! You need every hand you can get You tube download online! Watch frustration factors. This can lead to some tense moments. Don’t let people be thrown through. This is not a race.