The Straw That Broke:

Props: 100 wrapped soda straws, 1 roll of scotch tape, a pair of scissors and a 10″ circle of cardboard adobe flash player mac.

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 5

Focus: Communication & Cooperation.

Credit: Don’t know. Lots of book have it, but we have done it a long, long time ago…

Not much of a story learn to drive. Sorry. Give the group 100 straws and tell them that they must build a platform which will support the weight of a teacher (adult-type person). The rules are fairly simple whatsapp status film herunterladen. You need to build the platform out of the soda straws, and it must be tall enough to hold the adult off the ground at a height of at least 4 inches (a soda straw bent in half is 3.75 inches) and not more than 7 inches (a soda straw unbent is 7.5 inches) solitaire klassisch kostenlos deutsch. The reason for the height restrictions is to prevent the group from just binding 100 soda straws together, slapping the tape around it, placing the cardboard circle on top and saying ta-da download eco certificates! It also prevents them from bending all of the straws in half and doing the same thing. (The goal is to make them work, not make it easy.) Also, the adult must be able to stand on the platform unsupported, no weight being taken off by leaning against something herunterladen.

Good luck and may the force be with you!


Communication. Getting the group to talk through the ideas of how to build the structure to the proper height dvd video soft free studio for free. Encourage different ideas in this activity! If a group suggests something you think is too simple, tell them that yes, it would work but ask if they can be more creative how can I follow netflix. Don’t dismiss their ideas, but try to push them into doing more than just the basics. Cooperation. Again, you’ll have a wide variety of ideas, but getting the group to work on just one idea may prove to be a trick mediathekviewweb herunterladen.


If there was no height requirement, how easy would this activity have been? Why? Why do you suppose there was a limit kinderfilme kostenlos herunterladen? (To make it tougher, silly!) Were there any in your group who wanted to make a really complex structure? Were there any in your group who just wanted a simple structure? Which side won? Why? Did their idea work?

Spotting Concerns:

Scissors. Any time you add sharp, pointy things into a game, there are problems. Admittedly, the students are not supposed to be running around with the scissors, but hey, you never know what’s going to happen! Also, adults standing on this contraption, be careful. If it goes, you could twist an ankle. This is a bad thing.