Team Building Webbing Pass

Webbing Pass:

Props: Two tubular nylon webbings (Or ropes, hula hoops, bicycle tubes, etc….)

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 2

Focus: Cooperation (You’ll get a great idea of how well your group can work together from this experience video on ipad. Pay close attention, and you’ll see what to focus on right away!)

Credit: Kimball Camp

Assemble the group in a circle google play store musik download kostenlos. The facilitator hands one webbing from each of his/her wrists and then instructs the group to hold the hands of the people next to them. The facilitator introduces the group to the webbings (mine are named “Fred” and “George”) bewerbungsmappe kostenlosen. Have them say “hi” back to the webbings. This is important because it develops the sense of the ludicrous within the group and it also serves to boost the self-esteem of the webbings which are, for the most part, never spoken to by the general public jewel puzzle kostenlosen. Now tell the group that you are going to have a race with the two webbings. (Play this up HUGE! Americans thrive on competition and it will serve to drive the point home even better when this activity is over.) Tell them that George will be traveling around the circle to your left herunterladen. Which one does the person on your left want to root for? (Both, actually, but you are trying to get them to say George!) Ask the next person to the left herunterladen. (Again, George.) Tell them that Fred will be traveling around the circle to the right. Which one does the person to your right want to cheer for? (Both, but hopefully they will say Fred.) The next person to the right kataster herunterladen? (You should have the idea.) Put your hands through the webbings.

Now, the rules:

1. Have the group hold hands to form a large circle. During the activity, the group is not allowed to let go of hands, for any reason ebay sales. (No last minute pulling the wallet of the pocket moments, taking off jackets, etc..) Watch out, though. Some people will attempt to injure one another by squeezing musik downloaden und offline hören. Do NOT let them get away with it. They can hold your hands if they need to.

2. The webbing cannot touch the ground. It must be passed around the circle, over people’s bodies, without making contact with the ground herunterladen. If it does touch the ground, the webbing starts over.

3. You can use anything you want to move the webbings (teeth, noses, toes, etc..) except for your hands! (See diagram for what constitutes a hand!) If someone uses their hands, the webbing will start over! (I’m pretty tough on this.)

Note: Fingers are part of the human hand!

Now, sit back and watch the fun. The group will learn from watching others and will, hopefully, find new and better ways move the webbing. Ideas are shared, and the group will improve as the webbings continue.


How many teams were there? How many teams are in a circle? Why do I like circles? (There’s only one team.) Did anyone try to fight against “someone else’s” webbing? Why did we do this activity? (It shows how many teams the group will need for the day: ONE!)

Spotting Concerns:

Watch for people tripping over the webbings. Watch, also, for people squeezing each other’s hands too tightly. Be careful about people moving too fast, especially in patterns which force those next to them to move in ways their body was not designed to allow.