The Maze:

Props: Green Course

A.L.: 1

D.L.: 2

Focus: Caring Trust

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (page 103)

Very simple, very easy. Clip up the bungee cords in any pattern you like, provided that it forms a maze-like shape with one clear entrance and one clear exit. Blindfold the group or allow them to close their eyes if they would feel more comfortable. They must, singly or as a group, work their way through the maze. Tough, isn’t it?

Variation: place a number of “obstacles” in the maze. The group members are only allowed to touch each obstacle once. This encourages Communication and Cooperation skills by having team members talk each other over and/or past these obstacles.


Caring / Trust. If they perform this activity as a group (which I recommend), they need to make sure they don’t move too fast. They need to also make sure that they bring everyone through: don’t leave anyone behind.


How much did you rely upon those around you? When someone found the exit, did they help the rest of the group through? Why or why not? How hard is it to trust your feelings? Your group? Which would you rather depend on: the group or your own abilities?

Spotting Concerns:

Watch for people running too fast. If people walk, arms outstretched, this activity is very safe. If not, problems can develop. Make sure the ground in clear of any obstructions, and the ropes are not hung too high (clothesline-ing someone) or too low (that can be tripped over).