The Wall:

Props: On Field

A.L.: 5

D.L.: 5

Focus: Cooperation

Behold bus simulator 2012 download kostenlos vollversion deutsch! The Wall! Even though you have done a great job for them over the years, International Geographic has decided to send you back to basic training. You spend every morning for a month locked in a dark classroom iphone images from icloud. Educational slides are projected against the walls showing the differences between animals like giraffes and mosquito’s (they look alike, don’t they?) and explaining why you should never tease Upidstay Hyenas without the safety of an electric fence to hide behind kostenlose weihnachtsmotive zumen. Your afternoons are spent under the watchful eyes of former Drill Sergeants who make you wade through Toxic Peanut Butter Swamps while firing egg- shaped landers at you herunterladen!

Finally, after you are ready (pronounced “broken”), International Geographic decides to give you one final test before sending you back out into the field amazon app für tv herunterladen. You and your group are taken to the Wall, a torturous contraption designed to make or break the best photographic journalists. You and your group must make it over the Wall to have any chance of being sent out into the field again games for mp3 player for free.

But wait! There are some rules which, if disobeyed, could result in never working for International Geographic again!

They are:

1 tomtom xl. DO NOT ATTEMPT this activity if your group is not performing well. DO NOT use this as a starting activity! Most groups should NEVER be allowed to do it herunterladen! This is one of the top rewards, not a requirement!

2. Support structures, including the sides of the Wall, are not climbable. You must attack the Wall itself minecraft kostenlos zum downloaden.

3. Everyone, must spot. If people start wandering off, leave the activity.

4. Once over the top, participants may return to the ground to help spot herunterladen. Once there, however, they cannot help lift, only catch.

5. Everyone must get up and over the Wall. No leaving people behind.

6. “Running up the Wall” is not allowed. (Think about it: front foot slips, forehead smashes wood, person unconscious. survival rate of our courses is no longer at 10000.)

7. No additional objects may be used. Do not let groups reach clothes down for people to climb. (Bad thing to have a bunch of semi-naked people returning from a Low Ropes Course!)

8. Only three people are allowed to remain on top of the Wall at a time. Once a fourth person gets to the top, someone must come down.


Cooperation. Hands down. Very simple. Work together, get the group’ over, done. Watch for breakdowns in cooperation, especially toward the end of a long day. Keep the group in there and working on the task, otherwise it can become unsafe.


You made it! The Wall is one of our toughest challenges! Is making it here enough? Yes. Why? Not many people will get to do it! Congratulations! (Take an opportunity to sit down and praise your group.

They have worked hard to get here, let them enjoy it! Win or lose, they have already won.)

Spotting Concerns:

Make sure you help spot! Falls can be dangerous, especially at the top. Watch for those on the top. Don’t let them lean way out to grab someone, otherwise they will end up coming off the Wall head-first. Watch for things like pants-ing people (using someone as a ladder is not necessarily the best idea).