Tire Pole:

Props: Yellow Course

A.L.: 4

D.L.: 3

Focus: Cooperation / Communication Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (page 115)

Oh, no herunterladen! While researching an upcoming spread on “Pollution and It’s Impact On Small, Fluffy Creatures”, you discover that the new multi-billion dollar, anti-pollution, pollution-control device installed on the specially-constructed, non-polluting factory’s single, non-used smoke stack has been installed upside down linux free download german 64 bit! Because of this, the smoke stack, designed to not pollute, is now pumping out two times more pollution than it would if it had been installed correctly herunterladen! (Confusing, I know, but you just need to remember one thing: it is a non-used smoke stack! Hence, it doesn’t matter if it’s installed properly or not as the smoke stack is not used!)

What you must do is remove the pollution-control device, flip it over, and reinstall it on the smokestack herunterladen. However, the pollution control device is very delicate, and must be lifted carefully up, turned over and placed gently back down over the pole. It cannot be allowed to touch the pole synology ds video herunterladen! If it does, it will be “damaged” (pronounced: “the group starts over”) and must be replaced.

Here we go…

1 spiele autorennen kostenlosen vollversion. The tire must be lifted off the pole, flipped over, and then lowered back to the ground, all without the tire touching the pole! People can touch the pole, however…

2 teamviewer 9 herunterladen. No other materials, save what the group has with them, can be used.

3. Your call: If they wrap the tire to prevent it from touching the pole, does it still count samsung j3 mms? If they’re doing well, no; if they aren’t, yes.

4. People are allowed to sit on each other’s shoulders provided people are spotting them bahn bill download. They are not allowed to stand on each other’s shoulder!

5. If something looks unsafe, it probably is unsafe. Stop the activity and have them rethink what they are doing amazon prime purchases!

6. Tire may be thrown, but it cannot hit the ground! (Watch having them catch it, though, as it could be dangerous! I leave this to your discretion.)


Cooperation. When the human pyramids are built to lift the tire up and over, it is a great example of teamwork! You will also see many interesting configurations being suggested to get the tire lifted over. Here is where the Communication aspect becomes important. Once an idea is agreed upon, most groups will be able to solve the puzzle right away.


What is the best way to solve this puzzle? Is there a best way? Would all of the ideas suggested work? Why or why not? It there a better solution than the one you tired? Why or why not? What, in your opinion, would have been the easiest way to solve the puzzle? Why?

Spotting Concerns:

Watch people being lifted up into the air! Make sure spotters help to balance those on shoulders. Watch for throwing the tires. I’ve seen people not paying attention who have been smacked by tires. This is a problem. Avoid it, if possible!