Toxic Waste:

Props: Tin can, water, bicycle tube, ropes

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 4

Focus: Communication / Cooperation

Credit: Boy Scouts of America

You did so well with removing the nitroglycerin from the nuclear reactor meltdown (if you’ve done that activity), that the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Department (N.E.R.D.s for short) have decided to give you a promotion and to create a new task force to prevent any future incidents youtube movies ipad. You are now officially classified as a Grade A Disasters and Uncertain situations Nuclear hazard Clean-up and Evacuation (D.U.N.C.E. for short). So all of you Grade A DUNCES are sent out into the field, traveling from one nuclear site to another, making sure that everything is in tip-top shape mero baller los download kostenlos. Life is boring, however. You miss the action and excitement of actually playing with highly toxic substances which cause you to glow in the dark! Well, fortunately, your prayers have been answered herunterladen!

A nuclear reactor, in the process of being cleaned, has gone critical. The control rods were removed so that technicians could safely dust them; nobody realized, however, that by pulling them out into the air they are releasing tremendous amounts of energy herunterladen. The rods are lying on the floor of the reactor chamber which is now filled with radiation and has a temperature of about 5,000 ‘IF. This, unfortunately, is a slight problem which needs to be fixed… You consult your “Handbook For Bad Things”, only to discover that the solution seems almost as bad as the problem.: you must remove the rods from the danger zone and place them in a specially constructed area outside of the reactor core series to netflix. This will prevent the reaction, inhibit the spread of radiation, and provide the bases for this Low Ropes Activity.

You reach into your “Bag Of Safety Stuff’, remove a piece of bicycle tubing and a bunch of ropes hoe kun je nzb downloaden. Realizing that you can’t get too close to the rods (ie. bucket in the center of the circle), you mark a boundary on the ground so that the group will understand where they are safe and not youtube video without advertising. Using only these materials, the group must figure out how to get the bucket, pick it up, carry it outside of the circle, and place it delicately down inside the other area, all without stepping into and/or touching the inside of the main circle herunterladen!

Rules are simple:

1. You can tie any kind of knot and/or as many knots as you want in the bike tube and the ropes.

2. The ropes and tube cannot be cut Itunes movie borrow download.

3. No one may enter or make contact within the area outlined by the circumference rope (or markings). If ground contact is made, all progress stops, and the problem begins again from the start herunterladen.

4. If any of the water is spilled (even a drop) it’s back to the beginning again!


Have the group attempt to pour a can of water into the bucket by using the same method. Again, the group is not allowed to spill the water!


Communication. How do you piece the different components together to accomplish the task? They will spend a great deal of time working on this (unless, of course they’ve already done something like this before), and it is very important that the communication be constructive. Watch for people being excluded and ideas being neglected. Cooperation is simply the implementation of the plan. (Note the word: “simply”.)


Were you able to do it? Why or why not’? Your call as to what else you want to say…

Spotting Concerns:

Inspect the bicycle tube prior to each use! If damaged, be careful! It could break, whip someone, etc.. Be careful of the water. It could be cold, give someone pneumonia, etc..