Trust Dive:

Props: Red Course (Staggered Trust Fall) or Stairs (by Ridge)

A.L.: 5

D.L.: 4

Focus: Trust/Cooperation

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras H (page 55)

Have the group line up in two straight, parallel lines pokemon romsen. Have them zipper their hands (see diagram on “Trust Fall”) and raise them up (the impact of the person jumping will drive their hands down) itube kostenlos herunterladen ios. Select a volunteer. They will decide how far away the group catching them will stand (I recommend having them start about a foot away until they’re used to it) and how many stairs up they will stand br mediathek film herunterladen. They proceed to assume a diving position with hands outstretched above their heads. The “diver” says “Ready to jump.” The group, upon checking their readiness, responds with “Ready.” The diver then replies, “Jumping” and does so herunterladen. Upon completion of the dive, set the diver back up on their feet and let them try again, adjusting either their starting height upon the stairs or the distance the group stands from them swr2 musikstück der woche herunterladen.

Potential problems:

1. Have the diver dive “flat”! What I mean is that they are to dive in such a manner as to have their body contact the maximum number of arms samsung tv app herunterladen anleitung. In plain English (yeah, right), the diver must not arch, as in a traditional dive, but must instead remain parallel to the ground. This way the group will have multiple arms catching them and will minimize the risk of people falling head-first to the ground sky on demand filme herunterladen.

2. This activity, while less dangerous than Trust Fall (due to the fact that the diver has some chance of saving themselves), should have the same rules enforced, namely: no talk of dropping people, make sure everyone pays attention and have everyone always being involved gntm herunterladen.

3. Don’t do this activity if the stairs are slippery!

4. Avoid allowing excessive distances where it is a real strain for the diver to reach the group hörbücher kostenlos downloaden kinder!

5. Avoid excessive height. It makes the person a LOT more difficult to catch!


Trust! Gee, like that wasn’t obvious outlook voor android! Cooperation is also very important!


Use this as a prelude to Trust Fall. This is a great way of testing a group to decide whether or not they are ready for moving up to Trust Fall.

Spotting Concern:

Watch arching when diving! They are not to dive as into a pool, they are to dive as if a bunch of people were going to catch theta! Make sure you always start slowly and work your way up to the more dangerous stunts!