Whale Watch Platform

Whale Watch Platform:

Props: Green Course

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 3

Focus: Cooperation

Credit: This is a Rohnke thing…

Sorry produkey 64 bit herunterladen! No story! Just live with it…

Your group must stand upon the Whale Watch Platform and balance it in the middle, so that neither end touches the ground aktuelle alben kostenlos downloaden. When they have done so, they must keep both ends off the ground for ten seconds. This is not a tough activity to describe, but it is somewhat tough to do rozdzielnie. To coordinate the movements of 10-15 people, to get them to move and/or not move so that the whole platform balances, Rill lead to some interesting poses microsoft office powerpoint 2010 gratis downloaden.

This is a great “warm up” or “slow down” activity as there is no heavy lifting or major amounts of discussion required alte pages version herunterladen. Use this when you need to continue doing activities, but your group is tired and/or frustrated.


Cooperation. Just stand on the platform and balance it presentations to download. Not a whole lot of Caring and/or Communication required. Just stand…


You can do it! I trust you!

Spotting Concerns:

Don’t let anyone get their feet under the platform; this is a bad idea.:)