Wild Woozy:

Props: Yellow Course

A.L.: 5

D.L.: 4

Focus: Cooperation

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA

Divide your team up in groups of two leo lausemaus hörbuch kostenlos. (Ideally, partners should be of near to equal size, however different sizes and abilities make for interesting situations.) One pair stands upon the rope at the start of the triangle of wire appsen iphone. Place spotters, two per person, on the outside of the triangle, two people, side by side between the pair doing the activity.

Have the spotters in the center lean down so that if the participants fall they will land on the spotters backs android foto herunterladen. The people on the outside serve mainly to prevent slips at the start. The further out the participants get, the less likely it is that they will be needed, but do NOT let them back off chrome voor pc downloaden! You can never have too many spotters…

Anyhow, the purpose of the activity, is for participants to work their way out along the wires for as far as they can go free youtube mp3 converter download kostenlos deutsch 2012. As they move along, they will be forced to lean further and further out, depending upon each other for their support. If the participants end up touching the spotters, give them the choice of readjusting (and getting off the spotters) and continuing on, or of coming down off the activity herunterladen. Give all groups a chance to participate, though do not force any group to try, and see who can get the farthest.


Cooperation zoom download mac german free. It takes a fair degree (to say the least) of teamwork to move out toward the end. The further down people go, the tougher it gets to hold themselves off the ground smart switch pc download kostenlos. Caring is also a factor, but it does not come from the participants, it comes from the spotters! Make sure they are doing their part!


Who got the farthest i care app herunterladen? Why? Is there a different strategy you could have tried? Would it have helped to have had more than two people attempting this at a time? If so, how many would you have needed herunterladen?

Spotting Concerns:

When it is possible, add more spotters to the middle to prevent participants from slipping too far. Be especially aware of the condition of the ground. Remove any large stick, twigs, etc.. which may injure a participant who falls. Make sure all spotters are at their positions before anyone attempts this!