Wildlife Communities

Activity: Wildlife Communities

Props: Wildlife Communities Box

Location: In the forest

Explain to the students that you are looking around you and are totally impressed windows xp service pack 3 download deutsch kostenlos! Look at how busy this town. is. The factories are working overtime, the hardware store is open and the apartments are nearly full! What a huge community this is herunterladen. (At this point, some of the students will be wondering what you are talking about.) What community? Why, the community around us: the Wildlife Community access 2013 manual free. There are a bunch of plants and animals living together in a-community, just like you are your family live together in a community! They have stores, just like your community, factories and apartment building, just like you do net framework windows 7 kostenlos.

Does anyone see a factory around here? (Green plants.) What are they doing? (They are taking in the sun’s energy and making it into food roger whittaker kostenlosen. At the same time, they are making oxygen for us to breath.) What about an apartment building? (Look at any dead log; there are many ant holes in the logs showing that it is an apartment building.) What about a hardware store app wo man alles kostenlos herunterladen kann? (The forest, itself, is a hardware store. Birds and other animals use it for building materials.)


Describing objects in different ways os x el capitanen. This activity allows students to compare their communities with that of a totally different environment (pardon the pun). This will be as much a creative writing project as that of understanding the different ecosystems around us herunterladen.


  • Are all communities the same? Why or why not?
  • Is a forest community similar to yours Download pictures with sayings for free? Why or why not?
  • Do you have plants and animals in your community?
  • Are humans part of the forest community? Why or why not?
  • Why is a tree like a factory fifa 20 ultimate edition?
  • Why is a rotting log like an apartment building?
  • Why is the forest like a hardware store?