How To Make a Boomerang

A boomerang can be made
Bending and Cutting the Wood
of a piece of well seasoned hickory plank. The plank is well steamed in a wash boiler or
other large kettle and then bent to a nice curve, as shown in Fig solitaire klassisch kostenlos deutsch. 1. It is held in this curve
until dry, with two pieces nailed on the sides as shown.
After the piece is thoroughly dried out, remove the side pieces and cut it into sections
with a saw, as shown in Fig download eco certificates. 2. The pieces are then dressed round. A piece of plank 12
in. wide and 2 ft. long will make six boomerangs.
To throw a boomerang, grasp it and hold the same as a club, with the hollow side
away from you herunterladen. Practice first at some object about 25 ft. distant, and in a short time the
thrower will be able to hit the mark over 100 ft. away. Any worker in wood can turn out
a great number of boomerangs cheaply.  –Contributed by J dvd video soft free studio for free. E. Noble, Toronto, Ontario.