How to Make a Toboggan from Ski’s

During the winter months everyone is thinking of skating, coasting or ski running and
jumping. Those too
timid to
run down a hill standing upright on skis must take their
pleasure in coasting or skating instagram bilder downloaden app.
The ordinary ski can be made into a coasting ski-toboggan by joining two pairs
together with bars without injury to
their use for running and jumping videos downloaden facebook app. The ordinary
factory-made skis cost
from $2.50 per pair up, but any boy can make an excellent pair
far 50 cents.
In making a pair of skis, select two strips of Norway pine free from knots, 1 in app store für pc herunterladen. thick,
4 in. wide and 7 or 8 ft. long. Try to
procure as fine and straight a grain as possible. The
pieces are dressed thin at both ends leaving about 1 ft mp4 player kostenlos herunterladen. in the center the full thickness of
1 in., and gradually thinning to
a scant 1/2
in. at the ends. One end of each piece is
tapered to a point beginning 12 in aidf datei herunterladen. from the end. A groove is cut on the under side,
about 1/4 in. wide and 1/8 in. deep, and running almost the full length of the ski. This
will make it track straight and tends to prevent side slipping dalli klick kostenlos downloaden. The shape of each piece for
a ski, as it appears before bending, is shown in Fig. 1.
The pointed end of each piece is placed in boiling water for at least 1 hour, after
which the pieces are ready for bending herunterladen. The bend is made on an ordinary stepladder.
The pointed ends are stuck under the back of one step and the other end securely tied to
the ladder, as shown in Fig download acrobat reader kostenlos. 2. They should remain tied to the ladder 48 hours in a
moderate temperature, after which they will hold their shape permanently.
The two straps, Fig lightshot kostenlosen. 3, are nailed an a little forward of the center of gravity so that
when the foot
is lifted, the front
Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3 – Forming the Skis
of the ski will be raised randen en arceringen. Tack on a piece of sheepskin or deer hide where the foot rests,

Fig. 4.
The best finish for skis is boiled linseed oil. After two or three

Fig. 4 – The Toe Straps
applications the under side will take a polish like glass from the contact with the snow.
The ski-toboggan is made by placing two pairs of skis together side by side
Fig. 5 – Ski-Toboggan

and fastening them with two bars across the top. The bars are held with V-shaped metal
clips as shown in Fig. 5. –Contributed by Frank Scobie, Sleepy Eye, Minn.