www.WhopperVirgins.com Whopper Virgins Review the Burger King Whopper

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www.WhopperVirgins.com Asks "if you’d never had a hamburger which Hamburger would you like best?" Whopper Virgins Review the Burger King Whopper against the competition herunterladen.

Obviously the Whopper from Burger King wins in this "scientific" study against the Big Mac from McDonald’s.

Personally I’d never get a Wine Review from someone who didn’t drink wine, nor a movie review from someone who had never seen a movie. 

There is a reason I don’t let my friends 6 year old pick out my clothes.  And you’d never ask an Amish which Computer to buy.  But once you get over all of these problems the documentary created by Stacey Peralta, finding out about some of the cultural differences is interesting herunterladen.

Just be advised some of these people think meal worms are a great tasting snack…

old man eats whopper for the first time as a Whopper Virgin