Components In Vista you Can and Can’t Remove and Why

These Windows Vista Components are that are safe to remove, just make sure you know if you need them, or are going to use them.


ActiveX Installer Service
Don’t remove
If you want flash updates and things of that nature to happen you will need this musik herunterladen kostenpflichtig.

Feel Free To Remove
Games will just waist time.

Indexing Service
Safe to remove
This might make finding files on your machine faster, or slow down games while it indexes your files… You decide which you do more bowling spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

Internet Information Service
Safe to Remove
You only need this if you are going

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
You need This
Many programs Require this icomania herunterladen.

Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server
Safe to remove.
Used by programmers as a way to reliably queue messages.

Print Services
Safe to Remover
You only need this if you use Internet printers kostenlose bilder herunterladen.

Remote Differential Compression
Do Not Remove

Removable Storage Management
Safe To Remove
The only reason you’d need this is if you are restoring from old NTBACKUP files toy blast kostenlos herunterladen.

RIP Listener
Safe To remove
Rarely needed unless you are doing some fancy network stuff, and you’d know you need it herunterladen.


Services for NFS
Safe to remove
Only necessary if you are connecting to a linux.

SNMP Feature
Safe to Remove
This is a communication protocol for desktop management

Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications
Safe to Remove
This is used for compatibility with certain applications based on UNIX herunterladen.

Tablet PC Optional Components
Safe to Remove
Unless you have a tablet PC and then you might want this.

Telnet Client
Safe To Remove
There are better clients out there ds audio lieder herunterladen.

Telnet Server
Safe to Remove
You Probably don’t want to telnet to your PC.

TFTP Client
Safe to Remove
TFTP is used for remote configuration from a server word rechtschreibprüfung herunterladen.

Windows DFS Replication Service
Safe To Remove
Rarely needed in corporate networks.

Windows Fax and Scan
Safe to Remove
You May want this if you have a scanner

Windows Meeting Space
Safe To Remove
Rarely used in corporate networks herunterladen.

Windows PowerShell
Safe To Remove
You would know if you Use this.

Windows Process Activation Service
Do Not Remove
Needed for quite a few applications.

Windows Ultimate Extras
Safe To Remove
This is something you only need if you are using Dream Scene or Other Ultimate extras.