How To Run WinSat 3D Benchmarks from the Windows Vista Assessment Tool

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The Windows Vista Assessment tool which gives you those lovely how great or sucky is your computer, it has some bonus features.  The Vista Assessment Tool is based on another product called WINSAT.  Winsat has some cool 3d effects which can you can access.  The Benchmark score isn’t shown, but they are still fun herunterladen.

Press Windows + R and type any of the following commands:

winsat aurora


winsat d3d -texshader -totalobj 15


winsat d3d -objs C(20) -texshader -totalobj 50


winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(1) -alushader -noalpha -v -time 10


winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(10) -alushader -v -time 10


You can adjust the commands on the prompt if you want to try to get different combinations mapsource herunterladen.