Magic Folders Vista Gadget Cleans your Desktop

The Magic Folder is a Windows Vista gadget that allows you to categorize and move files. Easily clean your desktop with Windows Vista Gadget “Magic Folders”. Download this from Windows Live Gadget Gallery which is free with your purchase of Vista. Customizing the folder to understand the placement of certain file extentions such as (doc, xls, ppt, etc) has never been easiler. You can place all images files (.jpg, .gif, .png) into the Pictures folder or video files (.mov, .divx, .wma) into the Videos folder. The Magic Folder allows full customization of where you need your files.


1. Right click on your Windows Sidebar > Add Gadgets

Add Gadget

2. Leave checkbox unchecked and continue by pressing green checkmark.

Agree with Magic Folder

3. Hovering over the gadget open the gadget settings by selecting the tool icon placed in the middle.


4. From the Visual tab select the Folder Style, Color you prefer. You’ll also be able to choose the folder size when docked or not. You can easily undock the gadget by dragging and dropping onto the desktop within the hover state.

image image

5. Grab any file and drop it into the gadget folder. Pick the location where you’d like to place the file. Basic options are Document Files, Downloaded Files, Internet Favorites, Music Files, Picture Files, Video Files.


6. Go check the location which you’ve choose. image