vs Microsoft’s Terminal Server with Citrix

Many schools faced with high cost of maintaining the computers look for creative solutions to reduce the cost per student.  Most computers today are grossly over powered 90% of the time.  If you have ever looked at the CPU Usage of your PC you will see that much of the time you are using less than 10% of the CPU herunterladen.

CPU Usage durring a typical work day

The above is my 3 year old Dual core 3 ghz Pentium, I have 70 processes running, and still only am at 11% CPU usage nintendo ds lite spiele herunterladen.

While your CPU spikes when you load Microsoft Word, or Excel, when you are just typing away it is unusual to need more than 2% of your CPU. 

NComputing and Microsoft’s Terminal Server with Citrix both allow you to increase the User to CPU ratios.  They both have advantages and disadvantages xbox 360 games download to usb stick.

NComputing is a better solution when you have a small number of computers in close proximity.  For example you have a teacher who wants to let 4 students work from a single CPU, which is located in her classroom.  This scenario is very easy to set up with NComputing, and offers the ability to make 4 computers from one computer, and you don’t have to know anything extra to set it up.  Install the Ncomputing hardware and you are ready to go ultimate chicken horse kostenlos downloaden.

Microsoft Terminal Server is a better solution in bigger scenarios, or more geographically diverse scenarios.  Terminal server works great for taking a single server class machine and letting 30-100 work stations connect to it.  It also scores big points if the cost is software rather than hardware.  Deploying AutoCad to 100 computers would cost over $150k, but deploying 8 copies of Autocad to terminal server so 100 PCs could access the software but only 8 at a time would save your school $138k.    Terminal server also has the advantage that you can put different applications on different servers, reducing your risk that all of your computers would be down at once.  Terminal Server can be set up so that each application runs as such that it looks like it is running on the local machine.  Using DNS round robins, or Microsoft Clustering you can have 4 servers share the load from several hundred students.  If one server goes down, things might be slower for the students but they would all continue to work Download app.

Terminal Server also helps secure your network.  If you have 500 computers in classrooms, keeping them all up to date and Virus free can be difficult.  Even in an NComputing scenario with 125 computers as 500 desktops it can be difficult.  With Terminal Server you would be managing 5-10 servers in one location, reducing your foot print and saving you a lot of money on IT Support windows media player für windows 2000 kostenlos downloaden.

Terminal Server also helps in that a users profile roams with them where ever they are.  Set up correctly this can include Home, Hotel, and Vacation locations.  Imagine enabling Students the ability to work on their AutoCad Drafting home work at home with out having to purchase the software. 

The Software savings can be huge.  Installing Photoshop on every desktop in your School or office is expensive considering most users will only need it for 2-3 hours a week.  You could spend 1 tenth of the cost and offer it via terminal server.  Likely you don’t even need that many copies scribd herunterladen.