Removing Vista From a Multiboot System

You cannot Uninstall Windows Vista. However, you can change the code that starts the operating system (often called code master boot ) and then remove Windows Vista system multibooting and return to Windows XP or Windows 2000 videos von youtubeen. To perform this procedure, you need the installation disk Windows Vista.

Before you begin, make a backup programs, files and settings. Remove Windows Vista is an advanced procedure that can cause the loss of information stored in the computer download the incredible 2. For information about how to perform a backup of data, search for "backup" in Help and Support.


1. Insert your Windows Vista installation microsoft word 2007 kostenlosen ohne anmeldung.

2. Click the button home In All Programs , Accessories , right-click Prompt and, finally, click Run as administrator .  If you are prompted an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation weihnachtsmotive zum herunterladen.

3. Type [letter of the DVD drive]: \boot \you Bootsect string%.exe / NT52 All / force and then press ENTER.

For example, if the letter of the DVD drive is the f, type (f): \boot \you Bootsect string%.exe / NT52 All / force word text herunterladen.

4. Eject the installation disk of Windows Vista.

5. Restart the computer.

The computer will start in the previous version of Windows you have installed herunterladen.

6. Manually delete the files and folders in Windows Vista, for example, folders, program files, users and Windows.