Windows Vista Changing a Password Means you Should set a Restore Point

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Changing a Password Means you Should set a Windows Restore Point I found this out the hard way, or the easy way depending on how you look at it.  I set my Windows password accidently with the numlock on on a laptop which meant I had a weird password, which I didn’t know.  Doing a restore of the last restore  point reset the password to the password that was in effect when the restore point was made youtube videos herunterladen macbook.

This creates some security problems if you have an ex-employee, or someone you have changed or removed their password from a computer.  It won’t effect Microsoft Domain users, as the Windows Server will do the authentication, but for home or small Workgroup networks this could create problems herunterladen.

To be safe any time you do a password change you should set a new restore point after, over writing and removing the old one.