Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Walkthrough for Virtual Villagers Game

Jake has the best set of Tips, Cheats, and a Walkthrough for Virtual Villagers antivir kostenlos herunterladen.

Find tips and tricks for Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children on the hints page for Virtual Villagers 2 wo kann man wii spiele downloaden.

You can find some of Jake’s advice such as….

Find More Food – Berries run out quickly so be sure to find a new source of food as soon as possible herunterladen.

Stay at Home Moms– Nursing mother villagers focus all their attention on the baby for two years of Virtual time. They won’t do any other tasks while caring for the baby whatsapp für kindle fireen.

Population Control – Each baby villager consumes as much food as an adult. Too many babies too quickly will dwindle the food supply, so take care in growing the virtual village population dji original video herunterladen. Bonus Tip: if there aren’t enough houses, the virtual villagers won’t have more babies, so by planning carefully when building houses, you can avoid growing the population beyond the food supply itunes für microsoft herunterladen.

Doctor, Doctor – Sick villagers don’t always respond to the village doctor. If you’re not having success in treating a villager with one doctor, try sending them to a different doctor for better treatment omsi 2 kostenlos downloaden.

Watch the Villagers – Observe the villagers to see what they are investigating as you take them exploring around the island herunterladen. Often the villagers are providing cheats to help you solve puzzles later in the game.

Worker Education – Villagers don’t discover new work skills on their own herunterladen. You need to walk-through with each virtual villager the process of learning how to perform a task in order to be successful. For instance, if you need someone to learn building, have them repair one of the existing buildings in the village countdown zähler download kostenlos.