Getting “Rich” through Blogging

Lots of people ask me how I make a living blogging, and when I explain that not all of that money is directly from Google they don’t really understand minecraft häuser kostenlos.

Blogging is only partly about Search Engine Optimization, and selling Ads, and convincing your readers to buy things.  Part of what you are selling, is you elster für mac downloaden.

Getting people to trust you, recommend you, and value your opinion is what you are really doing.

Robert Scoble is a good example of someone who has built a reputation based on his blog.  His network opens a great many doors that he wouldn’t have had with out his blog,  but you don’t have to get to Scoble fame to have your blog help you get a new job, or build your street cred

Andy Beach, uses his site to promote his book, his expertise, and the company he works for herunterladen. This adds value for Inlet, himself and his book.  There is no better lead in to a sales pitch than having the customer start the conversation with “I was reading on your site, because I Googled for…” 

As you present answers and others validate them, and you build authority with in the community you also build reputation with the potential client base. 

Ben Waggoner ‘s link to me as Omniscient Deity of video is an endorsement that comes up in search for my name, and being Microsoft’s expert on the subject lends a great deal of credibility to me every time a  client or employer goes looking at my references. 

Blogging is also a way to vet your ideas.  I put out an elevator pitch for blogging a long while ago, and Dina made it popular, but Jack is constantly refining and improving it.  I benefit from this because I can see others feed back and modify my pitch and spin on the idea based on the agreements, and disagreements which are discussed by the blogosphere.  I also get alternate analogies which help me take my ideas and have then translate between different audiences herunterladen.

Remember your audience of people in the real world is limited to a few hundred.  Your Network in the blogosphere can be several thousand.