Cervical Cap Diaphragm and Sponge Birth Control

Sponge Birth Control and Diaphragm Birth Control, are both highly effective in preventing births with out the use of hormones.  They offer nearly zero protection against STD’s however.  Which is why they should only be used in monogamous relationships, and only as a contraceptive herunterladen.

The sponge is what it sounds like.  An artificial Sponge  soaked in a spermicide.  This works well and if you wait the recommended 20 minutes before removal has almost zero chance of failing as a birth control free ringtone iphone.

The diaphragm is a disc which is inserted in the female and blocks the cervix.  It is reasonably effective but there is risk of conception if it is not removed correctly wdr mediathek videos herunterladen.

The Cervical Cap is a diaphragm of sorts which fits over the cervix and is more effective than the diaphragm but which can be left on for 72 hours, allowing for less risk of conception during removal adobe camera raw gratisen.

Condoms are preferred in most encounters as the block both disease and are an effective birth control.

The Sponge can occasionally about (1 in 10 males) be felt by the male during intercourse, as can the Diaphragm, but the cervical cap is almost impossible to feel ps3 spiele zumen.

Picking the right method for contraception is a personal decision, but it is advisable in most scenarios to choose a method which prevents disease in addition to pregnancy virusen und verschicken.