The Moral, Social, and Historical Views of Unmarried Cohabitation

Family living and intimate partnerships have been known to vary since the earliest days of man’s existence. These relationships had various effects on the societies in which they existed, as they either affected them negatively or positively. Some societies had even worked hard so these family systems of intimate relationships were sustained generations and even centuries.

Even today there are tribes and nations that have the most primitive system of partnership. However, these tribes are usually ones that belong to backward parts of the world; ‘backward here refers to being economically, politically, socially and morally backward. This is because of the fact that these tribes have not progressed through time; they have held fast to their primitive ways through which inequalities have been maintained in classes as well as in the sexes.

Aside form these kinds of tribes there are several regions in the world that have managed to develop themselves significantly. This refers mainly to Western countries, as they have progressed significantly socially, politically, economically and morally; they are more aware of themselves and individual rights than the underdeveloped parts of the world herunterladen. These countries (western countries) demonstrate the fact that nothing really remains the same, and with the passage of time, all things are bound to change.

The changes spoken of here refer directly to the way that family life and marital relationships have been transformed in the last 100 years or so. It is interesting to note that since the industrial revolution the pace of life in industrialized countries has soared. So has the thinking of people in these places, and they have revolutionized the idea of marital relationships in this regard; people now want to know what they are getting into, as they generally do not want to commit to anything or anyone that they are not certain of.

To these kinds of people, it is a big leap to step into marriage without knowing exactly how things are going to be. Hence, as an experiment, there are several individuals today who want to cohabit with their lovers. This is based on the understanding that: simply because two people fall in love, does not really mean that they can actually live together peaceful without disputes arising smileys for whatsapp. In this sense, cohabiting is almost purely an experimental practice. However, there are others who may do so for the sake of not wanting a commitment; there might be individuals who simply agree to cohabit for the sake of experimenting with a relationship, but really want to pass their time.

In this case, it is unethical as the other partner is being deceived, and this is also another reason why religious supporters disagree with cohabiting; they believe that people will largely take advantage of the opportunity that is an unwritten approval. They also assert that if people are compelled to marry in order to live with an individual, they are more than likely to have genuine approaches to their decisions. However, it is also asserted that all individuals should be allowed to address their own needs, and since marriage s a personal matter in which two people agree, the state rather not interfere.

In this way, each couple is responsible for their own hardships, and they are also responsible for their own survival, as cohabitation is also a means of survival herunterladen. In this regard, the Catholic Church would not agree, as they are totally against the idea; they go as far as providing biblical evidence that cohabitation is wrong, and assert that only marriage between opposite sees should be permitted.

In the Church’s stance against cohabitation, it stands against heterosexuals well as homosexual cohabitation, and of course, they also do not agree with homosexual marriages (Considerations Regarding Proposals…, 2004).

Essentially, the Catholic Church has a rigid stance against cohabitation of any kind because of the fact that if two people are living together, they are most likely to indulge in intimate actions. At this point, for the sake of clarity, it also must be asserted that cohabiting or living together refers to living with each other and indulging in intimate practices. Otherwise living together could also refer to friends renting out a place and living together for their survival. However, the meaning given to the term here involves sexual relations herunterladen.

Quite obviously, the church does not take into consideration the reasons that people may provide for their cohabitation; the church does not consider ‘need’ as a valid reason. It may assert that through such a need, a couple could get into trouble. This refers to the fact that an unmarried woman may have a child without being married, and that would mean that she would have to bring the child up on her own or raise it in an insecure marriage (Department of Marriage & Family Life…, 2004). However, answer to this, it can hardly be asserted that marriages are stable and secure; divorces are likely to occur or a man may simply get rid of a woman when he feels like it or vice versa.

Also, it might be asserted that if a coupe can survive without being legally bound, then that kind of love is stronger than the one that could be experienced in a marriage. This is because of the fact that there are also many couples that end up staying married while they are not really happy with each other. In addition to this, there are married people who end up carrying on with the formality of a marriage and indulge in affairs outside their homes samsung note 3 herunterladen momentan nicht möglich. So, isn’t it better for them to simply be attracted to each other through love rather than a legal document?

As far as needs are concerned, it may be asserted that there have been people lives saved due to cohabitation; they have been taken of the street and granted new lives. Many do not see the manner in which cohabitation is survival. This is perhaps because of the fact that they are not in the position of individuals who are needy, and men as well as women may be needy. Man as well as women in poor economic states may not have any other option.

After falling love, their partners might offer them to live-in. This is an offer for ameliorating one’s living, so, it is almost a natural reaction to agree to cohabit in these kinds of cases. Aside from this reason for cohabiting, others include:

  • Reduction of living expenses.
  • Inability of a union of same-sex individuals to be recognized by the law.
  • Choice by older individuals who don’t want to upset family or friends through remarriage (Living Together and Cohabitation Agreements, 2004) windows 10 Download update.

Again, other reasons for cohabiting include:

  • To guarantee the financially less secure partner an equitable settlement.
  • To properly compensate a party for his or her role as a caretaker.
  • To allow the financially more secure party to limit exposure in the event of a breakup.
  • To disclose expectations of the relationship, both financial and personal (Living Together and Cohabitation Agreements, 2004).

Whatever the reasons are for cohabiting these days, alternatives are now being provided to cohabiting couples so that they remain secure without having the weight of a marriage certificate on their hands. The following are some of the interesting point s that are covered in a ‘cohabitation agreement’:

  • Distributing property in case of death or breakup.
  • Obligating financial support during the relationship or upon its dissolution.
  • Handling the payment of debts.
  • Dividing the principal residence upon breakup of the relationship games from windows 7.
  • Defining support, custody or visitation rights for minor children (although nonbinding).
  • Specifying health insurance coverage.
  • Determining the right to serve as guardian/conservator in the event of incapacitation.
  • Establishing the right to make medical decisions (Living Together and Cohabitation Agreements, 2004).

Whether things work out or not that is to be seen later, and also varies from couple to couple. Based on this understanding, statistics may vary through time as society may change. However, through current statistics, it can be observed that there are several individuals who have realized their individual rights, among those that are exploiting each other. “In 1960 there were 439,000 unmarried couples; by 1984 the number had jumped to 1,988,000; in 1998 the Census Bureau figure stood at 4,200,000” (Champlin, 2004).

figure. So what is the church and other conservatives trying to do? Do they think that they can penalize and constrain all these people the way that Copernicus was herunterladen? Thankfully the human race is not living in primitive times where such individuals would have been targeted and persecuted for their ways.

One’s personal life has in fact nothing to do with what a religious doctrine asserts, and it also should be remembered that religious doctrine applies to particular periods in history and cannot really encompass everything in this world. And even if the predictions and other assertions made about sodomy and like are true, then it can also be argued that in order for the revelation to come true, societies have to evolve. This evolution is the thing that will bring true all predictions, and in this consideration, it is worth asking ‘what is the church afraid of?’ They know according to their doctrines what is and what isn’t going to happen, and hence they should have more foresight and brave it right through.

In addition the predictions, one has to take not of the break down in social processes; marriage apparently has little value today compared to the past. “Substantial proportions of people enter into new partner relationships after bereavement or divorce. Nowadays in Europe, unmarried cohabitation and living-apart-together relationships are frequently opted for at re-partnering” (Gierveld, 2004) download images from google drive on iphone. The bitter experiences of marriages may have left some individuals with fewer options, and hence, cohabitation appeared to be the most appropriate thing to do.

Having asserted why people may cohabit for stability, it should be realized that opposing them means that they are being oppressed by religious bodies. This is probably one of the major reasons why the law cannot allow individuals who have already suffered to go through more oppression by social institutions, and hence in many places there is legal support for cohabitation. In fact, it must be noted tat for individuals who are discriminated (such as homosexuals) there are laws that permit them to live with their partners. The church obviously disagrees, but there is little that it can do to oppress those that are already oppressed. It is high time that such cruel inequalities were removed from this world skype kostenlos herunterladen für computer.

As emphasized earlier, the world cannot be prohibited from progressing in the direction it so chooses; since the beginning of man’s existence, the human race has chosen its direction from a consensual perspective; no particular doctrine should intervene and oppress individuals, as it has been the case. The rise and dominance of the Catholic Church demonstrated all those ills, and today it tries to do the same thing. However, legal bodies are now more aware of the rights of individuals, and this is why they have constructed laws that support cohabitation. Though there might even be loopholes in these laws or weakness, generally speaking there is a grand and significant change observed, which aims at bring justice to all individuals regardless of the genders. Finally, these laws need to be ameliorated through time, in order to cope with societal evolution.