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Blackwater Jobs: How to Get a Job In International Security

Have you ever wanted a really high paying job that doesn’t require a college degree?  Are you willing to kill for it?  If so you may consider taking a position with Blackwater World Wide. 

You can get such jobs as a Black Water Designated Defensive Marksman.  Which is basically Sniper.  You shoot intruders and insurgents before they reach your perimeter.  This isn’t a job for the weak of stomach. 

There are Blackwater jobs that don’t involve killing people.  Interpreter/Translator Protective Security Specialist for instance… Oh wait that just means you speak the language of the people you are going to kill.

PSS/ EMT  Nope, shoot others as you act as field medic to your team.

K9 Explosive Detector Dog Handler… We might have a winner.  You would disarm bombs with the help of dogs, you might not have to kill anyone.

Employment Opportunity Apply to
Current Certified EMT-B’s with Tactical Experience 25569@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
Aviation HR@PresidentialAirways.net
Mobile PSD Operations 18607-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
PSS/ Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate (EMT I) 18596-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
Specialized Static Operations 18607-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
Protective Security Specialist 18588-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
Search and Rescue (SAR) Medic 18594-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
Interpreter/Translator (Arabic) Protective Security Specialist 18722-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) 18599-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com
K9, Explosive Detector Dog Handler 18591-CJB-0@blackwaterusa2.hrmdirect.com

This sure beats going postal on your office mates because you got laid off.  Go see the world get away from it all, and take your frustrations out at your new job.  And you will probably make more money than you did working in that cube farm.