What does it really cost to leave the Lights On?

We have all heard it from a nagging Mother, Wife, Girl Friend… “Turn the lights off. Do you have stock in the Electric Company?”

Well as a matter of fact… Though often they are more profitable when energy use is low, that is for another article herunterladen.

The US average cost for Electricity is 11 cents a kWh.  The Price for Electricity is higher in Hawaii, and lower in Idaho, ranging from 30 cents to 6.7 cents per kWh internet explorer 11 download windows 7 deutsch kostenlos.


So how much does leaving the lights on cost?  Well if you were leaving a pretty standard Ceiling light on with 2 bulbs at 75 watts each, you’d be at 150w which is .15 kW/h  or on the national average $.11*.15 you’d be at about 1.6 cents per hour. 

Lights tend to not be the big expense in your house hold.  Especially if you are on Compact fluorescent bulbs.  Your hair drying which is like 1500 watts or your 2000 watt microwave use several cents of electricity per use.  10 minute with your hair dryer is the same as the ceiling lamp for about 2 hours games apk.

Most of your electricity cost is in things like your computer at 300 watts, being on 24/7 all month you are looking at $23.76 a month.  Your Plasma Television at 700 watts for 6 hours a day is $13.86 a month, almost as much as your basic cable bill zip dateien entpacken kostenlos. An LCD TV by comparison is about 110 watts, is about $2.18 a month.