The Difference Between Community Building and Evangelism

I grew up with Amish neighbors. It never struck me as that odd since I saw them on a daily basis. It never strikes most people to ask why it is that Amish shun technology. I know it took me until high school to ask, and I saw them every day. So for those who have never even seen an Amish buggy going down the road it probably never occurred to them to ask kostenlose geburtstagsvideos zumen.

The Amish are devoted, religious, hard working, separatists. Amish don’t marry non-Amish, and on the rare occasions they do, their families have a funeral to morn their loss. The Amish way of life is actually a means to prevent interaction with outsiders. Oddly this is precisely why they are such supporters of community. In fact Amish are so community oriented that they are almost communists herunterladen. Not of course in the sense the Soviet Union was, or China is, but rather in the ways Carl Marx believed all society would evolve to. Amish communities run their farms the way a communal would, sharing the land the expenses and the profits. This is of course likely the only way they would be able to afford to run a farm in today’s agricultural market, as even with hundred’s of acres, and lots of equipment it is difficult for a farmer to scrape together a living coole schriftarten herunterladen.

Amish have abandoned technology because they feel that if dilutes the ties of community. If you can sit around and watch endless hours of TV you won’t need the fellowship of your neighbors. If you own a combine you won’t need the community to help husk corn. If you own a car it becomes too easy to run to the store to pick things up. Amish in some communities however have adopted Walkie-talkies, and Cell phones lieder auf ios herunterladen. This seems strange at first, but the logic is that they are for safety and communication with others in the community. Imagine losing a buggy wheel 10 miles from home and having to catch a lift back home, leaving your horse on the side of the road, while your neighbor comes to bring you a new one.

Technologists are often separatists too. Watching a group of MVP’s at the Global summit two weeks ago I saw a group of FoxPro MVP’s snub a group of VB MVP’s herunterladen. I’m sure both groups think they have nothing to talk about with the other. Trying to convert a programmer from one language to another is like trying to convert a Ford lover to Chevy (another country bumpkin reference).

For the most part corporate America is trying to do community in a separatist way. They want to push that they are the only religion you need, that you only need to know the Gospel according to them herunterladen. You see this with Apple’s iTunes. Easily one of the most recognizable music communities but it is also the most elitist. You have to use their Player, and only have access to their content. This is funny because MSFT is viewed as the elitist group and they rolled out WM DRM which supports a huge number of players, and anyone can create content for 4 elements 2 kostenlos downloaden vollversion.

The problem with the Amish method of community or the beauty of it depending on how you see it, is that there is not really any growth. The only way you get more Amish to have kids. That limits the growth to a pretty slow number. The same is true of Separatist or Elitist communities. If you aren’t trying to actively convert users, or working on ways to have communities interact you aren’t likely to grow your communities sketchup 8 deutsch download kostenlos.

Geeks in general aren’t very good at networking. We like living in our parent’s basement, and we seek out a group of friends just big enough to make our D&D games playable, and we might not like every one in our gaming group but we tolerate them because they are a warm body and that is all we need to round out our party. But when it comes to talking to CEO’s about the advantages of one product or another it is hard, because let’s face it CEO’s can barely check their e-mail let alone understand the intricacies of switching the entire web space to a SQL driven site with W3C compliant CSS, not that wimpy FrontPage CSS knock off herunterladen. So geeks come off as unapproachable. But let a geek argue in a forum about why White Wolf should change a rule and you will get an elegant multi-page argument complete with practical applications.

This is why Blogging is so important. We take our time to think things through when we write. And we can go back and revise, so our arguments come out in better form microsoft planner herunterladen. I’m glad to see MSFT embrace Blogging because I’m already seeing groups with in MSFT discussing things said on each others blogs. New guys can influence VP’s in ways that most companies would never dream of. Blogs let even the lowliest of Mail Room workers put a good idea out there and have the possibility of it making it up to the Senior VP.

As Geeks it also means you don’t have to be in a room full of people to build a network of people. My Linked In list contains a lot of people I have no idea what they look like. We have had friend ships for years and I couldn’t pick them out of a line up. While I have mixed feelings about this, it is a distinct advantage for those basement dwelling geeks who can write a very powerful piece on any topic, but stutter in public and look at the floor in the presence of a female.

I think Amish would like Blogs.