ETape Digital Measuring Tape

Need gifts for dad? The eTape Digital Measuring Tape retails for $25 and currently out of stock. This accurate measuring tool is great for any repair, building or science experiment creo 2.0 kostenlosen. In construction every inch counts and can make the difference in successful projects. 

Featuring a large easy read display screen that has memory to log your measurement with a button herunterladen. Displays feet, inches, metric units and understands fractions of an inch and can get up to 1/16th. Similar to your standard tape measure this allows for accurate and well executed projects to go smoothly. 

Digital Measuring Tape will turn on/off without worrying about short battery life windows 7 update cancel. With the simple pull of the tape you’ll be able to turn it on and when it’s inside it’s off.

I enjoy the white case because it’s very simple and looks easy for grandma or pops pokemon rom legalen. Great holiday gift.



etape digital measuring tape


  • 16 feet length
  • 5 measurement formats (feet inches fractions, inches fractions, inches decimal, feet decimal, centimeters decimal)
  • Two LR44 batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: 3" x 2.75" x 1.3"