Nike HindSight Glasses for Cycling, and a cheaper Alternative

Nike’s Hindsight Cycling Glasses extend your field of vision by 25 degrees.  This helps you see more of the road ahead of you when cycling and helps you avoid cross traffic, and offers better visibility of what is coming up behind you.  While just a concept at the moment the glasses are likely to make a debut in Q1 of next year how to download youtube videos as mp3.

These will likely cause a lot of Oakley fans to ditch the precision optics Oakley is known for and instead take the enhanced vision of the Nike HindSight’s ams app herunterladen.


If you can’t wait, or can’t afford the Nike Hind Sight Glasses, there is the classic stand by.  I had a pair as a kid herunterladen.

007 Spy Sunglasses - See Behind You!

Wearing them is like having eyes in the back of your head adobe scanen. These cool looking shades allow you to look straight ahead while also seeing what’s going on behind you. With these glasses you can discreetly watch someone or see if you are being followed without having to turn around schnell musiken. Features light weight plastic frames. Packaged in a clear poly bag.