www.cityofcollegedreams.org City Of College Dreams: How to Win College Scholarships

Ben Kaplan’s (cityofcollegedreams.org) City Of College Dreams gives students information on how to prepare for college. How to win college scholarship couldn’t be easier.

After attending Harvard for little cash up front he’s written a book called “How To Go To College Almost For Free”, which can be purchased at cityofcollegedreams.org. It shows step-by-step how to take advantage of the millions of scholarships that are waiting for you to obtain.

Ben Kaplan shows how these scholarship aren’t just for the best athletes and students but offers a wide arrange of interest and people. Cityofcollegedreams.com proves you don’t need to be the next Michele Jordan or Albert Einstein to win these.  Student that overcome obstacles, have artistic abilities, scientific curiosity, good companion to your friends – theirs a scholarship for everyone no matter the degree of study or language barrier.

Free College Scholarship

People forget that scholarships aren’t just for high school students but for college students, grad school, parents, adults going back to school and more. The limitations are only what you’ve set on yourself and cityofcollegedreams.org helps to break the myths. City of College Dreams gives you scholarship, financial aid, student loan, saving cash, college sports information and other advice for college.

During Ben’s high school he applied for 3 dozen scholarships and won about 2 dozen which allowed him to apply at his school of choice. Using standard search engines you can pull related scholarships to your needs and interest. Using my career goal as a starting point allowed me to gain numerous listings of scholarships. I easily turned in a dozen applications/essays and won over $5,000 in college funds.

Ben suggested winscholarships.com as his portal and warned not to give up searching at just one site.