www.GetSnuggie.com Like a Fleece Choir Robe

The Problem with blankets? They Slip and Slide?  Yes hundreds of years of blankets and sweaters and the problem with them is that they weren’t fleece choir robes windows 7 update cancel.

I am not sitting in anything called a snuggie.  So don’t get me one for Christmas.

GetSnuggie.com doesn’t promise good quality of workmanship, and the blanket thing they sell is made poorly, and is not particularly cheap.  The stitching is broad and not double stitched or reinforced so it won’t hold up to many washings.  The Fleece is not of good pile and so it pills quickly pokemon rom legalen.

The Red color is far from color safe and will be almost pink after one wash, and if washed with anything else so will it.  The Red Dye was so potent that falling asleep in one and sweating a bit left skin a brilliant red color tomtom rider 500 routesen.

Lint was also a problem.  The Snuggie left lots of fuzz stuck to clothes, couch and body.

Over all GetSnuggie.com sucks.  Don’t get one for grandma herunterladen.