www.HeatSurge.com The Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Made by Amish?

Heat Surge (heatsurge.com and www.amishfireplaces.com) Advertise Electric Fireplaces mounted in a Wood Mantle, made by Amish.  I think it is unlikely that the Amish are making anything Electric sketchup 8 deutsch download kostenlos.

The Heat Surge ad mentions the product has received the coveted UL listing.  While Getting a UL listing is not easy it is generally required if you are going to sell something that if poorly engineered could burn your house down.  It certainly isn’t coveted herunterladen.

The Amish Fireplace is probably actually an Amish made mantle, but I doubt that they have much to do with the whole process, and the Amish pictured in the television ad don’t really look Amish microsoft planner herunterladen.


It would be very unusual for Amish women to be dressed in two colors of dress.  Generally a community adopts a single color for all of their clothing.  The Print Ads for Heat Surge.com have the Amish working on Lit Fireplaces, this would be silly, as amish wouldn’t have electricity in their shops creo 2.0 kostenlosen.

Over all the thing seems to be mostly a scam.  The Mantles are nice, but they aren’t $600 nice, and a similar insert at Walmart will run you $100 herunterladen.

The ProCom Fireplace is a much nicer looking fireplace and is more efficient, with a more realistic flame.

ProCom Full-Size Electric Fireplace - 5000 BTU, 32in., Coffee Glaze

ProCom Full-Size Electric Fireplace – 5000 BTU, 32in., Coffee Glaze
From ProCom