www.pch.com/products/ Publisher’s Clearing House Merchandise, Like Happy Meal Toys for Grown Ups

Except you have to pay for them.  The Merchandise on www.pch.com/products/ is not that dissimilar from the free gift that used to come with your magazine orders… Funny that. 

This is like a guide to how not to sell things online.  List an offer code and a title, but no picture, description; just a price and an add to cart button.  And you only get to buy one item per day herunterladen.

Obviously from their description it is too much work to do right.

Welcome to the merchandise section of pch.com! Most people think of sweepstakes and magazines when they think of Publishers Clearing House, but we offer thousands of products and now we’re getting them online herunterladen. As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking and what you see here today is just the first phase in bringing our products to you over the internet. Choose a category above or simply browse starting with the page below herunterladen. Sorry, you can only order one item per day.

From such a house hold name you’d think PCH.com could do better.