Kimberly Bryant is Jo De La Rosa and who’s Slade Smiley

Kimberly Bryant or Jo De La Rosa was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Tustin, California when she was young. After winning the California Lottery she and her family moved to Mission Viejo herunterladen.

Graduated from UC Irvine with degree in hand. Afterward she was introduced to the Coto life. During the first season she lived in Coto gates where her family spiele pc herunterladen. Smily a executive position at the insurance industry gave De La Rosa easy spending money. She received a prese`nt from Smily which was a Mercedes Benz sedan and a kick ass house youtube mehrere lieder downloaden. He also asked her to become a stay at home wift and mother. She was never 100% comfortable with being a stay at home mom.

During her second season they needed their relationship which happen during a relationship therapist meeting instagram herunterladen ohne google play. Things didn’t work out, she began singing and Grayson Smilys son wasn’t on season 3.

After all her trouble she just released a album “Unscripted” last August herunterladen.