Obama Won’t be Smoking in the White House

Obama Smokes, a fact not every one knows. (did you know Laura Bush Smoked? or that Laura Bush killed a guy in high school running a stop sign?).  Barak Obama will not actually commit to quitting smoking.  He just won’t be doing it in the White House.  Maybe in the Rose Garden?  Obama won’t be the first president to smoke.  You have to recall Jeferson had slaves and a tobacco.   How far we have come in 200 years corel draw x6 kostenlos herunterladen.

Taking a high stress job often increases the amount one smokes.  A recession is often good for tobacco companies as a result.  Having a smoking president is also probably good for tobacco companies.  With people being willing to dress like Sara Palin, it is likely many people will fall off the wagon when they see Obama Cigarette smoking urlaubsplaner kostenlos herunterladen.

It will be interesting to see if executive privilege extends to government buildings which normally prohibit smoking.  You can’t really take secret service with you out to the smoke patio at the pentagon every few hours during a time of crisis indesign kostenlos herunterladen.