Did Magnetic Blip Kill The Dinosaurs with Cosmic Rays?

Yukio Isozaki of the University of Tokyo has a new theory on what killed the dinosaurs, and it doesn’t have anything to do with an asteroid.  Yukio’s theory is that Cosmic Radiation bombarded the planet when the Earth’s Magnetic Field failed because of a change deep with in the Earth’s Core.  Normally the Earth’s Magnetic Field protects us from cosmic rays, but if on the edge of the molten outer core, a plume of super-hot material began rising through the mantle, upsetting convection in the core and throwing the planet’s magnetic field into disarray, we would be unprotected srf broadcast.

Like getting X-rayed twice a day every day of your life the radiation would take its toll on the life on the planet.  It would also increase the number of mutations occurring “kick starting” evolution for a time google sketchup 8 gratis downloaden.

The radiation would also increase the amount of Nitrogen in the air which would seed clouds which would cause massive cooling leading to the ice age downloading whatsapp images is not possible.

“This would’ve caused severe cooling and a drop in sea level” as the cool temperatures allowed massive ice sheets to accumulate on the continents, Isozaki said adobe flash player op ipad. “If you check the rock record at that time, tropical coral reefs die first. Then you start to see fauna from mid latitudes move into the tropics teamviewer old versions. It all points to cooling.”