www.nick.com/biggreenhelp The Big Green Help on Nick.com

Nick.com/BigGreenHelp teaches kids to do what they can to save the environment, with the help of their Nickelodeon Nicktoons Characters.

The Site tries, and its heart is in the right place, but some of the tips are just plain stupid or wrong kostenlos spielen herunterladen.

“By Washing your clothes on Cold you can save 50% of the energy it takes to heat the water”

When I wash on cold I don’t use any hot water, wouldn’t that mean I saved 100% of the energy to heat the water fortnite voor android downloaden?

Sure I want to be a Big Green Help, but the four themes for the big green help aren’t the 3 R’s (Reduce Reuse Recycle) they are

Slow the flow (Reduce) = Use Less herunterladen.

Recycle and Precycle = This seems to be about recycling, but the tip was Bottle your own tap water… I’m more worried about what is added to my tap water than I am about the plastic in the bottle live bilder iphone herunterladen.

Grow Green = Tips about composting… Which is technically about recycling? 

Curb the Car = isn’t this the reduce from above?

Over all the site feels like it was built by interns.  There isn’t any valuable tips, or education just Cheerleading, and FUD.  Sure it is targeted at kids, but they are just going to annoy their parents by putting ribbons on the newspapers which were already going in the recycling, and telling mom to bike 20 miles to work.  No mention of public transportation, or watching less TV to save energy… yeah, Nick.com/BigGreenHelp save the environment go visit it more, watch less TV peggle kostenlos downloaden vollversion.