www.nick.com/hp Personalize your HP Computer with the best of Nick.com

Want to get cool screensavers, stickers, and more?  www.nick.com/hp has everything you need to Personalize your HP Computer with the best of Nick.com.

In addition to the standard flash stuff you can also get some cool origami, cootie catchers, and other print and play items.   The site is pretty bandwidth intensive so it is not for the faint of connection.

Learning the Panda Dance while other stuff loads over the top is kind of distracting.  I am apparently old because I have no idea who Hi-Hat is, but the Panda dance is like the Shuffle, only less cool, and more complex.  I can’t recall the last time that I thought I wished there was a dance for the Kung Fu Fighting song.

As the Cool Movie of the quarter/Month/year changes so will what is featured on the page so check back every so often.