www.nick.com/ijapan iCarly movie: iGo to Japan

Nick.com/IJapan brings you the first ever iCarly movie, called “iGo to Japan” premiering 11/8. iCarly takes a trip to Tokyo, Japan with friends harry potter games for free.

Nick.com/IJapan gives you a fun game “iSushi Madness”, Fun Facts, iCarly.com, Video, and a message board.

The object to “iSushi Madness” game is to make as many sushi rolls for Carly, Sam and Freddie folder from google drive ipad.

Using your mouse you need to make as many sushi rolls as you can, if you type “icarly” while serving sushi you can gain extra points foliendesign powerpoint download kostenlos. Simply follow the highlighted food items to create the dish then serve. iSushi Madness is a blast and informative for all ages.

After your finished playing the game you can download the recipes and begin making your own sushi rolls unitymedia wifispot zertifikat herunterladen.

Nick.com/IJapan also has fun facts about Japan. Did you know “In Japan, you can buy a wig…for your dog!”, which is very odd and fun cooking fever to download. If I ever visit Japan I’ll look out for these. Also “In Japan, people use chopsticks to eat soup!”, this just sounds hard and confusing spiele herunterladen ohne app store. I prefer my spoon and love the broth from soups. Nick.com has a listing of 7 or so fun fact which all surprised me.

Check out nick.com/ijapan to learn a few things Japanese ps4 download not possible data are defective.