www.mojaveexperiment.com The Vista Experiment

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The Mojave Experiment has to be the only ad campaign which annoys me more than the "Wow" campaign.  mojaveexperiment.com was less than easy to use.  I had to install Silverlight to view it, because my silverlight was too old ls17 youngtimer dlc kostenlosen. The video encoding of the people on the site is not youtube quality.  There is nothing sexy about the way the site looks, and the people they interviewed act like they have never even surfed the Internet.  These are not Mac vs PC people these are PC vs Counting on their fingers and toes people.  These people don’t have pocket calculators to compare to because they dropped out of 3rd grade.  Yes it is that bad.  Maybe worse.   Microsoft should go back to "Defend your WOW!" that sucked less picasa download kostenlos windows 10.