Zynga Modifies Hitlist Rules in Myspace Mafia Wars prompts Ipetitions.com request

There is an ipetition to change Myspace Mafia Wars rules back to the way they were.  In this Godfather-esque Game previously you could gain experience points if you survived a go on the hitlist, now you get no experience so there is no incentive to be put on the hitlist youtube videos als mp3 downloaden app.

From Ipetitions.com:

Hello. I am collecting mafia war names of those who are unhappy with the new "no xp on the hitlist" change in Mafia Wars free manager. I will be turning forwarding the list to www.Zynga.com in an effort to let them know just how many of their players want the xp back and are VERY UNHAPPY steam workshop mods. If you feel this way please Sign the petition and include your Mafia War name, Myspace Url and Current Mafia wars level.
Please help me collect names too tetris gratisen. Forward this Petition adress to all your Mafia friends and have your Mafia friends do the same.


This widely unpopular change has resulted in several things:

  1. Mafia Members Added to the hitlist and constantly attacked get no benefits.  If the Mafia member is strong, hitlist placement could go on for days, with constant attacks, requiring constant attention and preventing advancement in the game perinorm norm.
  2. Previously Mafia players players enjoyed fighting from the hitlist.  It was a more straight forward arena than the fight section was, and made for a fun way to build your character.  But, with this change, the hitlist is quite spartan since few members wants to be on the hitlist or added to the hitlist in retaliation android files.
  3. Advancement to the and Godfather points now take longer.  Prior to the change, if your character was almost to the next level, but you were out of stamina and energy, you could count on using the hit list to help get you to the next level.  Post  change, it takes a massive investment of time to advance to the next level, which is discouraging to many MafiaWar players java programm herunterladen.