Where’s the Beef, the Beef is Back

Those of you who actually attempt to follow my blog will be pleased to hear that XYHD.tv will be publishing only articles I put effort in to, XYHD.tv/gbait will have all of the Trendy posts that have clogged your RSS reader for so long herunterladen.

You may get more dating posts than what you are interested in because I’m going to churn through the dating book I have been putting off for too long.  I’m also going to crank through the Community and Network Building Posts I have drafts of that need to be run ableton live lite herunterladen.

I can’t promise to make you the next Michael Arrington.  But I can promise that I’ll beat up on Scoble’s idea of good video equipment a lot more.  I’ll also promise to do a lot more SEO related posts images from huawei.