Month: January 2009

Internet with no phone service or cable provider

Jake writes about how to get Internet with no Phone: Piggybacking Internet service as DSL over a phone line or high speed cable service are the two easiest ways to have Internet access, although they aren’t the only solutions. Depending Read More

Everyone who has linked to my Root Page, Thanks

Akimbo, Dot Gone Playing Xbox Live over Google WiFi While Driving 30Boxes team launches Facebook Ad Exchange Galan Bridgman Home Page Sneak Past Blockers the Ninja Way, Visit Facebook … Zoey One-O-Win Sweepstakes! Read More

Why NOT open Video, And Why $100k won’t go very far

So Mozilla wants an Open Video format for the web.  Yeah well, I want cheap health care for every person on the planet, a pony, and a Red Rider BB gun.  Did these people even talk to Acacia? Let’s start Read More