Get Better Google Results with Less Spam

A friend looking over my shoulder asked why “my” Google was so much better than hers. I run a Google Custom search which removes a few thousand spam sites from the results, and has some search modifiers so I can quickly change how I search for things herunterladen.

By setting your Search box in IE for my Custom Search you get all the functionality of Google, minus the Splogs, and many harmful sites, and you get the ability do do searches for certain types of files, or with in certain types of sites.  The “Encyclopedic” modifier only searches Encyclopedia sites so you can get “real” answers not Wikipedia Answers.  The “Directory of Files” modifier search open directories, useful if you are looking for an MP3, or install to download. 

This also permanently turns off the “Note” function in Google which speeds up your search results.  You will also notice there are a lot fewer ads than in the regular Google Search lms herunterladen.

Just click the Link Below, choose the “Set to Default” check Box, and if you like having Google Suggest Searches Check the Suggestions Check box as well flixbus booking confirmation.

Google Search With Recomendations

Or if you want to Try it before you commit: