Get More Screen Real Estate in Windows 7

Windows 7 suffers from some Bloat around its Windows.  You can get quite a bit more on the screen with out hurting readability, by changing a few settings.  This is a life saver on Netbooks and computers with lower resolutions screens solitaire klassisch kostenlos deutsch.

First we will Skinny up the Windows Border which is oddly called “border padding”


To get to the above screen you need to click “Advanced Appearance Settings” on the Color and Appearance Menu download eco certificates.


Doing this gets you an additional 8 pixels top to bottom, which is almost a line of text.  If you also set the Title bar font size to 8, and then reduce the size of the title bar from 18 to 12, and do the same for the Menu bar, you can gain an additional 12 pixels getting you an extra line of text on the screen herunterladen.

If you still want more Screen Real Estate, you can install this Registry Key which will reduce the size of onscreen fonts, and images 10% dvd video soft free studio for free.