How to enable Desktop Shuffle on Windows 7

Windows 7 Beta offers several new personalization options for making your Windows 7 desktop personal. One of the cooler is the ability to shuffle desktop backgrounds lg smartphone bilder herunterladen. Windows 7 supports selecting multiple pictures as desktop backgrounds which then shuffle or “rotate” based on a timer.

Windows 7 shuffling between photos in a folder every 10 minutes keeps your desktop intersting omsi 2 herunterladen.

How to enable Desktop Shuffle on Windows 7

In the Windows 7 Beta – here’s how to enable shuffle for desktop backgrounds:

1 download pictures instagram. Right-click on your Desktop and choose Personalization.

2. Under the Personalization Control Panel, choose Desktop Background (bottom of screen) psp spiele iso kostenlos downloaden.

3. Under Picture location, you can choose from the default locations for photos (including Top Rated Photos) or browse to a custom folder where you might be storing photos herunterladen.

4. Choose multiple photos by checking each photo you want to appear as a background on your desktop.

5. At the bottom of the screen next to Picture position there is a drop down box and a check box for shuffling pictures on your desktop warum kann ich netflix app nicht downloaden. Make sure the “Shuffle” checkbox is checked.


6 ps4 version 7 herunterladen nicht möglich. You can also customize how often pictures shuffle on your desktop via the drop down next to the “Shuffle” check box.

After selecting the backgrounds, enabling shuffle, and setting how often they shuffle – you can save your new “theme” in Windows 7 via the Personalization Control Panel (just click the back button from the Desktop Background screen) herunterladen.


You can see in the below screenshot I have a theme called “Brandon’s Awesome Theme” herunterladen. Once you save your theme, it appears under “My Themes”.


TIP: You can also download new themes for the Windows 7 Beta by choosing “Get more themes online” under My Themes in the Personalization Control Panel herunterladen.


You can download themes with new wallpapers from places around the world!