Internet with no phone service or cable provider

Jake writes about how to get Internet with no Phone:

Piggybacking Internet service as DSL over a phone line or high speed cable service are the two easiest ways to have Internet access, although they aren’t the only solutions fortnite auf ps4 herunterladen. Depending on where your aunt lives, there may be several ways for her to access the Internet without either of these more traditional Internet access solutions orf tvthek videoen.

While Jake hints that there are satellite options he doesn’t really talk about them in detail.

I live in a place where Cable and DSL are not options for Internet.  The same is true for my parents wie kann ich mir fortnite herunterladen.

My parents were able to get a Wi-Max solution from a local ISP.  This works well and involves adding an antenna to the out side of the house which is pointed line of sight at at tower about 5 miles away.  They get 1.5 mbps symmetric (Up and down is the same speed) itunes video herunterladen.

I tried to get a similar product but based on my location that was not an option.  So I use HughesNet.  HughesNet works well for me most of the time.  It is 2.5Mbps down, 256k up but has the limitation that I can’t download more than 425 megs in a single day.  This limits my ability to do Windows Updates.  BlueYonder has a similar service, but Blue Yonder hasn’t been around as long as Hughes, and so I went with the name I trust herunterladen. (Hughes is also DirecTV and is used by the Army, and US Government).

Internet without a phone or cable connection is possible, but if you have them as options take them.  The cost of WiMax, and Satellite broadband are quite a bit higher than the wired equivalent amazon appstore herunterladen.